Secure Document Storage 

We all value the security of knowing our hard earned money is held safely in the bank or valuable items insured, so why wouldn’t we also want our Wills to be held securely? After all your Will is the document that directs the distribution of these assets and ensures your final wishes are carried out.


The only document legally recognised to follow your wishes is the original Will, It must be legible and in unspoiled condition or complications can arise. To satisfy the Probate courts exact requirements it is essential that your Will be stored correctly. Any damage, risk of tamper or lost Will may result in your estate reverting to the laws of intestacy and your wishes ignored.


It is wrongly assumed by many that the best place to keep their Will is at home, however research has shown that 67% of family members do not know where their relatives Wills are kept.

We must also consider the potential for the Will to be misplaced during a clearance or home move, or what if the Will was damaged by fire, flood or burglary?  For these and many other reasons we highly recommend using our Storage service providing peace of mind that the Will is kept secure and in pristine condition.