Why Choose Us


All Safe Hands funeral plans can be tailored to suit particular tastes and preferences... from the big things, like whether or not it's a cremation or burial... to the smaller things, like the choice of music or flowers.

Your Safe Hands funeral plan can also be changed or upgraded at any time, and should you move home, it is transferrable to any area within the UK at no extra charge.


You'll be in Safe Hands


Safe Hands operates in partnership with a national network of NFFD (National Federation of Funeral Directors) approved funeral directors, most of whom have been providing first class funeral services within their communities for generations.

So by choosing to take out a funeral plan with Safe Hands, not only do you benefit from our unbeatable prices, but you have the added peace of mind of knowing that when the time comes, your funeral will be of the very highest quality.


Total Security


In common with all funeral planning companies, the money you pay towards your Safe Hands funeral plan is held securely in a trust fund, in Safe Hands' case, one that has been set up in conjunction with an award-winning firm of specialist solicitors, and that is overseen by an independent panel of qualified Trustees. Over time this money grows, ensuring that however long you live, there will always be sufficient money within the fund to cover the cost of the funeral director's fees and services.


Safe Hands, where everyone is welcome!

Safe Hands funeral plans are available to everyone over the age of 18, regardless of health, medical history, or status.

Payment Flexibility

You can pay for your funeral plan in a single lump sum, or over 12 and 24 months to avoid the Instalment Handling Charge. Alternatively, you can spread the cost over an extended period of anything up to 10 years.